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White Guilt


 Monday, 19 December 2016

 Reference: Kent Libraries Newsletter

 Andrew Stephens
 Head of Libraries, Registration and Archives
 Kent History and Library Centre
 James Whatman Way
 ME14 1LQ

White Guilt, Writ Large

The lunatic is the man who lives in a small world but thinks it is a large one; he is the man who lives in a tenth of the truth, and thinks it is the whole. The madman cannot conceive any cosmos outside a certain tale or conspiracy or vision. Hence the more clearly we see the world divided into Saxons and non-Saxons, into our splendid selves and the rest, the more certain we may be that we are slowly and quietly going mad. The more plain and satisfying our state appears, the more we may know that we are living in an unreal world. For the real world is not satisfying. The more clear become the colours and facts of Anglo-Saxon superiority, the more surely we may know we are in a dream.

Given that the Kent Library Service is run by (& for) Caucasians, it was inevitable that the attached, Institutionally Racist, Kent Newsletter would contain very little that could ever interest ethnic minorities.

Just what have Kent’s minorities ever done to Whites to induce such Negrophobia?

Clearly, White people want to enjoy a Whites-only public service (but which all ethnicities must pay for) in a political game of infantile fantasizing that Whites still possess a world-spanning Empire whose culture is the only one worth taking seriously. (Self-destructively, this fragile White sense-of-identity continually needs an obsessively rose-tinted nostalgia to evade the very fact that trying to live in the past is the fundamental cause of current White decline.)

Pretending ethnic minorities possess no meaningful existence and/or are simply not equal to Whites, demonstrates that even thinking about those whose skin is darker than theirs induces the emotionally-crippling White guilt so common to Caucasoids. Yet, Whites believe they can hysterically-repress their uncontrollable anger in the pretence that other ethnicities can simply be ignored or scapegoated. But, this morbid fear-of-others is irresponsibly-perpetuated by the very Whites who experience it – White supremacy is, therefore, the sole responsibility of Whites.

Like all elephants in the room, guilt is born of unearned benefits and undeserved privileges – in this case, the White guilt inevitably-resulting from the (express or implied) White acceptance of the prerogatives accruing to being born with White skin in a racially-intolerant culture. And, like every form of social welfare, White supremacy induces little more than White laziness, White arrogance and White mediocrity [Postscript].

Refusing to accept that everyone else is just as good (if not better) than White people is the greatest proof of the White cultural inferiority being glossed-over in your Newsletter.

Postscript: Whites are economically dependent upon White supremacy to make any kind of living; while also being psychologically-dependent upon trying to force everyone else to accept such White superstitions in order to artificially create the very superiority which the use of force proves does not actually exist. After all, genuine superiority does not require the use of force and, like vodoun, only works if everyone else dreads it. This latter fact makes Whites crucially-dependent on the fears of others before they can ever believe in themselves (albeit by faking self-esteem, in this way).

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Saturday, 16 January 2016



This is what Anti‑Racism sounds like - get used to it

At around 15:30, on Thursday, 7 January 2016, at Tunbridge Wells Library, a White male (sitting with a friend using PC4, in the chair for PC3) refused to move from this chair to allow me to use PC3 - after my asking him politely to do so (hear attached audio). (PC3 had been booked for me by a member of staff.)

He arrogantly suggested I use the chair in front of PC2, but I pointed‑out the rather obvious fact that if someone uses PC2, then they will have no seat. He then suggested I use the seat for the Computer Buddies - but, then, where would they sit? I was clearly addressing someone of limited intellectual ability and achievement.

Work‑related image:

Work-related image…

I then asked the same member of staff who booked PC3 to ask him to move. At first, she offered to book another computer, but I demurred; preferring to use the original computer she booked me; to avoid being placed in the position of the Black man having to kow tow to the White - for no good reason.

He still refused to move at her request and lied (hear attached audio) about my being impolite to him, in the first instance - I then immediately entered anti‑racism mode, in direct response to his playing the Race Card in the White environment of the library. Because he had no rational defence for his socially‑inferior behaviour, I made it very clear what I thought of him, in words that could not - under any circumstances - ever be misunderstood. I have no time, nor obligation, to enter into a negotiation (every time I use a UK public service) with a White supremacist about the civil & human rights I already possess. If Whites have not already figured‑out what equality means, they never will.

I also took photographs of him (attached) and he hid his head; revealing his tacit understanding that he was in the wrong - otherwise, why hide his head? (A member of the library staff once verbally implied to me [see 30-05-2015] that there existed a video surveillance system in the library, so this may avail him nothing.) In any case, at no point did he explain (without resorting to lies) his rather obvious desire to obstruct a Black man going about his lawful business.

Work‑related image:

Work-related image…

Other White customers and staff entered the fray by siding with the White malcontent (no surprise there, given the prejudicial nature of White culture). One White male implying that the virtue of White women must not be sullied by hearing swear words - as if White women were somehow mentally‑retarded (& in need of protection from Black men). Racism, which leads to people being killed, is somehow (in the White mind) much less worse than swearing in public - which kills no‑one. And yet Whites behave as though the anger they incite is a threat to Western civilisation! - so why incite it?

Focusing on trivia is the moral inversion of a people who clearly have their ethical priorities back‑to‑front. It is also an unintelligent way to change the subject, since politeness only benefits the racist; while fighting fire‑with‑fire (my preferred method) wastes as much of their time as they wish to waste of mine. Such a focus also attempts to effectively‑legalize racial‑discrimination by trying to deliberately‑provoke Black people with whom Whites do not wish to share the same public space. Whites evade this issue by claiming that they can tell Black people how to act in public - more of the same racism Whites deny exists - while allowing contumely Whites to run roughshod over Black people’s rights.

Whites are not threatened by White supremacy (they benefit from it), so they can pretend never to see it as being a threat - in stark contrast to those who are disadvantaged by it. This means a Black person can be publicly‑abused, but woe betide them if he calls any White supremacist a cunt. This is an unwritten rule Whites never have to follow, since they are never racially‑abused by Black people. I am happy to allow myself to be provoked, because it affords me the opportunity to offer free, hard‑to‑forget lessons to those who still have much to learn about race‑relations. And it is better than putting my fist in their faces, which would clearly be a disproportionate response in this case.

As a White female member of staff stood in my way for God‑knows‑what reason (technical assault?), it was then demanded that I leave the library and never come back that day. Since I was offered a low opinion of Black people to my face (that Blacks have no rights Whites need respect) I offered my, very clearly expressed, view of Whites; resulting from such unprovoked incivility and hostility.

Work‑related image:

Work-related image…

Racist incidents will continue to happen, so long as White people are unwilling to muzzle the racist dogs that their particular ethnic‑upbringing encourages. In particular, those who think that public space exists for the venting of private prejudices, in the hope that Black people will be handicapped by having to live in perpetual fear of being harassed for the non‑crime of being Black; making it my job - out of self‑respect - to punish them for such superstition. The only equality and fairness here is to fight back, on the basis that: If non‑Blacks get in a Black man’s way, they are racist - unless they have good reason for so doing.

As Black people have had to become used to the existence of White supremacy - in order to survive and overcome it - Whites will have to get used to anti‑racism, since any violation of the principle of live‑and‑let‑live can result in a response every bit as nasty. The advantage for Blacks is that anti‑racism is ethical, because it is based upon the principle of self‑defence; while racism is immoral, because it is not. If Whites are not required to act in a reasonable and civilized manner, why is anybody else?

As I mentioned in my e‑mail of 5/6/2015?, I am happy to take the legal risks implied by my behaviour (under the Public Order Act 1986), in order to clear the White trash from my path - upon which they have no lawful business being.

Thursday, 31 December 2015



The Necessary Corrective to Caucasian Propaganda

Today, at about midday, I went to Tunbridge Wells Library to pick up six DVD reservations.

A White woman behind me asked to be excused before I had finished making my selections from the reservation shelf; obviously believing that she had some kind of right to queue jump.

She became rudely sarcastic when I refused to believe she had more civil rights than she and I was, in turn, sarcastic to her. (see attached audio recording below)

It is noticeable that when Whites talk to each other, they are generally polite. But when they think they can get away with being rude to a Black person, they will be rude to a Black person; by implying the latter has no human nor civil rights - as a member of staff did to me on 30 May 2015 (15:15) by implying I was a liar, before I had even opened my mouth to speak. Yet, Whites vigorously deny that any such recorded behavior actually occurs; proving them either schizophrenic or amoral.

I make these complaints to show that I am not complaining for the sake of it, Whites - both customers and staff - really do have psychological problems dealing with those they consider inferior (as if they would prefer less customers & a failing service?!) and that my complaints do not come from any problems it is believed I possess, but from an odd attitude to life that tries to deny its own existence, despite the mountain of evidence that it does exist. in the long term, this helps correct the Caucasian propaganda referred to in the title of this e-mail.


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Friday, 25 December 2015

Why are British Home Stores (BHS) Worth only GBP1.00?

Why are British Home Stores (BHS) Worth only GBP£1.00?

Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem - in my opinion - to characterize our age.

Albert Einstein, (1879 - 1955), German-born US theoretical physicist. Out of My Later Years, chapter 14 (1950).

The obvious answere is because they make a loss; the less obvious answer is because they have nothing to offer the British public that the British public actually wants - they have lost contact with their market, demographic and customers and know no way to restore contact that does not involve the hard work they are too lazy to undertake.

legal threats: Racial harassment, discrimination and vicarious liability

problems with Muslims, Whites & Jews

the mediocre employed compared to the superior self-employed: Laziness couplked with greed - a deadly combination since the desire is there but the talent to achieve. The basic problme with the lower-class and the uneducated is a lack of ambition, something obvious at BHS since so few staff are inteligent, well-educated, resourceful, efficient, effective, motivated or motivating, etc.

If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.

Albert Einstein, (1879 - 1955), German-born US scientist. Quoted in: Observer (London, 15 January 1950).

BHS’s profitless decline as a symptom of poor management and culture

scapegoating to blame others for the inability to work as a team or to set and achieve cleary-stated goals. meaningless pseudo-philosophical gobshite-ing injunctions pasted to walls that no-one ever follows or wishes to. managing those one does not employ. Management with no ideas because they have no business experience.

each BHS employee

each COMPASS employee

communication skills, teamwork, initiative, interpersonal skills or ability with time management

Retail Acquisitions and Dominic Chapel could just be asset strippers if they decide not to turn BHS’s fortunes around - and there is not the slightest evidence they can; leading to the end of a 97-year-old company.

If men as individuals surrender to the call of their elementary instincts, avoiding pain and seeking satisfaction only for their own selves, the result for them all taken together must be a state of insecurity, of fear, and of promiscuous misery.

Albert Einstein, (1879 - 1955), German-born US theoretical physicist. Out of My Later Years, chapter 7 (1950).

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

When is a computer not a computer?


Annoying, Unpaid Super Volunteers

On Monday, 23 November 2015, at about 15:45, I was seated at the Ground-Floor Booking PC in Tunbridge Wells Library, when a man sitting at PC5 rudely interrupted what I was doing (making me jump with a start) to tell me that the PC I was sitting at was not actually a computer! (I assume he meant it did not connect to the Internet; while he assumed I was wearing a sign around my neck that said “Ignoramus”: Relevant 37-second audio or e-mail attachment.)

How did he know what my intention was? Is he claiming psychic powers?

How does he know what I do (or do not) know about the working of the library’s computer system? Is he clairvoyant?

On what basis does he issue unsolicited interruptions to library customers going about their lawful business, in the bizarre guise of being helpful? Is he a member of some secretive organisation whose members interrupt, distract and otherwise annoy others?

Why would he assume others are more ignorant (or more stupid) than he? Does he somehow know the level of technical competence &/or IQ that complete strangers possess?

About half-an-hour later I noticed him annoying another customer in the Reference Section - again, by offering unsolicited help to someone who was in the process of solving their own technical problems. Is he an unpaid library guide, provided to solve customer problems even before customers know they have such problems?

Because he obviously does not work for the Library Service, is he - perhaps - a mentally-ill and/or rather lonely eccentric offering pseudo-help to those who have not asked for it, whom he clearly believes (without supporting evidence) are either ignorant or stupid - or both; thereby, actually being more irritating than helpful?

The mind boggles.

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