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White Supremacy

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V. Smith…
We do not care what color you are, so long as it is White.
Emotional repression
Free Speech
Political Correctness
Sexual Repression
White culture
White guilt
White supremacy
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White Whine

More White Whine with Your Fish?

Thin-skinned Caucasians playing the Race Card of believing only they possess a right to Free Speech

Response to these Claims of Playing the Race Card:

Statements made to others that are apolitical are White delusions: They do not exist because all communication with others is political. White statements decrying politics are, in themselves, political; while making claims without evidence is just as bigoted as Whites are when regarding those with whom they do not agree. White Identity politics (ie, White supremacy) is the solipsism that pretends it is not the least bit political; while serving the all-important political end of White reality-evasion.

If, for example, Frank TALKER wrote a review of the movie Casablanca without mentioning Hitler, Nazi Germany and White totalitarianism, the PC-brigade would be happy. However, Frank TALKER lives in the real world, not the Hollywood one.

Projection & Displacement

Whites invented the People Of Color (POC)-only Race Card to allege POC gain an advantage from using it - without explicitly stating what that advantage might be, save to suggest POC exploit it to hide their own cultural and personal flaws. POC can never benefit from any kind of Race Card when POC control no institutions in any White culture in any of the 52 White-ruled countries of the globe - unlike Whites (eg, by claiming the Race Card is being played by their enemies whenever Whites are criticized for playing the Whites-only Race Card).

Whites are playing the (their) Race Card at exactly the moment they claim others are, to pretend White supremacy does not exist; the Race Card being one of the many negative products of White Guilt and an example of racism, in itself. As a rape victim cannot play the non-existent gender card, playing the Race Card is precisely the kind of argument pedophiles and rapists use when confronted with their victims: “She was asking for it”.

White free speech

Whites take political commentary personally because their culture conflates such things as the Personal with the Political; the Public with the Private; Ethnicity with Nationality; Correlations with Causations; to more easily cheat people into working for a social acceptance - from Whites - that never comes and is never intended to.

Whites demand that any discussion of White supremacy be umpired by Whites - to achieve their desired goal of not feeling guilty about how they benefit from unearned privilege (& then blaming POC for the impossibility of achieving such a goal). Hence, the White invention of a psychologically-soothing Race Card that, somehow, can only be played by POC since, when Whites play it (via White supremacy), that is just how things are (& are supposed to be). If Whites feel bad, POC are playing the Race Card; if Whites feel good, POC have learned their lowly place in the great White scheme of things. A Card that only Whites can play is an example of the only racial equality Whites preach: The unfounded allegation that POC are equally racist when compared to Whites.

“Reverse Racism”

Hardly surprising, then, that Whites think the only equity possible between ethnic groups is their own negativity toward the ethnicity of others - as well as their own ethnicity, which they frequently deny possessing. Because Whites think POC possess no positive qualities, Whites invented the similarly non-existent (& for the same reasons outlined in this posting) concept of “Reverse Racism” - as if that could possibly make White racism seem reasonable and justified. A concept not based on irrational fear, but cultural self-defense.

“Blaming the Victim”

The White claim of POC playing the Race Card allows Whites to benefit from the Whites-only Race Card by implying all complaints of White supremacy are inherently false; making all White claims about POC, thus, inherently true. The Race Card serves the dual purpose of allowing Whites to perpetuate the political benefits of being openly-racist (the only way in which racism flourishes to maximum White advantage) while simultaneously-denying that those very benefits even exist. It is a Card only Whites can use and helps assuage guilt for evil actions by pretending such actions are justified.

White guilt

Because there are no rational arguments in favor of racism, the Race Card is simply a desperate White means for evading debate about the benefits all Whites receive from White supremacy. The White hope is that White Guilt will recede, but the universal (guilt-induced) anger with which Whites make such claims proves this political gambit does not work; only making matters worse for Whites - both psychologically and politically.

The power of the White claim that POC play the Race Card is really the power of paralyzing White Guilt; the inevitable product and direct result of the inherent amorality of the various White cultures. Thus, Whites are clearly more concerned with White Guilt than they are with POC lives: So long as non-one mentions the Racewar, Whites could not care less.


The urge to stereotype others is strong in Whites because it helps them feel they have overcome their fear of others (by inventing comforting delusions about the automatic inferiority of those others). It also convinces Whites they need not listen to anyone other than themselves in their belief that they possess a right to deny others the same rights they demand for themselves; eg, so-called Free Speech (ie, the right to offend people for being different). Whites only favor Free Speech when it flatters Whites.

Political Correctness

Whites need, desperately, to live in a contextless political vacuum in the hope that no blame attaches to them for anything, whatsoever, and everything that happens, anywhere, can be blamed on someone else (eg, 9/11 had nothing to do with Whites unwanted interference in the internal affairs of sovereign Arab states for the past 70 years); rendering political commentary as inevitable as it is necessary. Under the tenets of Free Speech, such commentary cannot - reasonably - be disallowed except by political correctoids - who actually wish to escape the politics they preach; that is, to escape the limitations of reality. The White definition of Free Speech requires the invented distraction of a Race Card (& its necessary handmaiden, Political Correctness) to evade the fact that Free Speech for those darker-skinned than Whites is under constant attack - from Whites.

Political-correctoids are not free agents, so never act like ones. They fool themselves into thinking they can tell others how to think, speak & behave. They have no substantive arguments and simply rely on reality-evasion to psychologically-support their own empty lifestyles that are built on nothing more than metaphysical, epistemological & ethical sand. It is Whites who posses the cultural and personal flaws the invention of the Race Card is meant to conceal.

Dr. Evil

Whites live their lives on the basis that their obsession with fantasy is more important than reality. Their talk is all despair at finding the world will not conform to their übermensch desires; hence, their wish to compartmentalize experience in such a way that real-life is successfully-elided - at least in their Bond villain dreams of world domination (eg, the World Bank & the IMF).

This White schizophrenia accounts for Whites’ endless, unjustified complaints when others do not think, act or talk as they do. And for Whites making false claims about others without evidence. And for Whites’ need to mock others - who can see right through them with the weapons of irony, satire & sarcasm. And for Whites’ need to destroy competition rather than win-out against it in a fair fight.

It is not necessary to agree with others – that is the totalitarian dream represented by Political-Correctness. It is, after all, a simple matter to refrain from engaging with that which one finds disagreeable or to disassociate oneself from those with whom one is not compatible. But that would mean accepting others’ right to self-determination - something Whites find impossible.

The real world

Non-Whites and Jews avoid Whites precisely because they do not wish to be killed, mocked or brainwashed by those same Whites; hence, White resentment when a White supremacy alert (what Whites disparagingly call: playing the Race Card) is issued by POC against any product of White culture. Few find Whites trustworthy; making Whites feel lonely and psychologically-adrift as human beings. (One of the curious by-products of Whiteness is the White penchant for pet-ownership, along with the search for extraterrestrial life - to counter their self-willed, lonely-at-the-top existential and terrestrial ennui - rather than adopting the simpler expedient of making friends here on Earth with their fellow humans.)

Ultimately, the Race Card is a card Whites designed that only People of Color are alleged to play; but from which only Whites can benefit: “Heads I Win; Tails You Lose”. The mere claim of playing the Race Card is the only way the Race Card can ever be successfully played.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

White Ghettoism

Purpose of White Ghettos

A Good White Town. A Good Clean White Town. A Good White Town to Live In and a Good White Place to Raise Your White Children.

Yet, beneath the tranquil small town exterior is a roiling inferno of fraud, corruption, treachery, hypocrisy, class warfare & ill-suppressed sex of all varieties: Adultery, sadism, homosexuality & incest.

Whites are emotional volcanoes who have to keep a lot of White guilt hidden to believe themselves superior. The slightest thing can set them off, so steer clear.

White-Devil Dictionary


Acting White:
People of Color tolerated by Whites so long as they serve White interests.
Affirmative Action:
  1. Unearned privilege to which Whites are automatically entitled; eg, Racial quotas for Whites
  2. Unearned advantage for which People of Color must be be condemned; eg, Racial quotas for Blacks.
(See also: Positive Discrimination.)
Affirmative Action Babies:
White people.
Political friend who fears the same people Whites do.
Angry White Male:
Lazy man angry about his inability to re-construct reality for his sole benefit. (See also: White Guilt.
The study of People of Color & the study of White alienation from the human race. (See also: Sociology)
  1. White seeking respite from White Guilt;
  2. People of Color living in dignity and self-respect.
Arranged Marriage:
White inbreeding.


People of Color controlling everything; ie, the opposite of Civilization.
Black Revenge:
The White claim that People of Color want to oppress Whites with Reverse Racism for centuries of White supremacy and the basic excuse Whites make to hang-on to White supremacy - to ward-off such revenge; while maintaining White Supremacy.
Bogus Asylum-Seeker:
People deemed to have become bogus - as such - not their acts; ie, not fit to be treated as really human. (No-one else is referred to as, say, a bogus Jobseeker or a bogus benefits’-claimant.) (See also: Illegal Immigrant.)


Whites controlling everything; ie, the opposite of Barbarism.
Cultural Identity:
That which People of Color possess instead of the Machiavellian need to control everything and everyone.


Circular arguments disguised as common sense.
Political system Whites never favor when they are in the minority; eg, British India, Apartheid South Africa, British Hong Kong, Bermuda, Australia, etc.
PC gone mad. (See also: Racial Diversity.)


Emotional repression
Hiding personal insecurities behind politeness.
Equal Opportunity:
Tokenistic racial quotas; allowing Whites to simultaneously-believe White supremacy is normal & natural and that it no longer exists. (See also: Doublethink)
Whites telling People of Color that Positive Discrimination/Affirmative Action is unfair to Whites; while White supremacy is fair to People of Color.
Heads Whites win; tails Blacks lose.
Fear that People of Color are sexually-attractive to Whites.
Philosophical conceits getting in the way of what Whites want.
Ethnic majority:
Largest ethnic group living in any given part of the world.
Ethnic minority:
Any People of Color living in White-controlled parts of the world.
Something Whites claim not to possess.
Something Whites claim they never are.


Free Speech
Statements only Whites are allowed to make.
Political ally who fears the same people Whites do.
Forbidden Fruit:
Whites enjoying sex with People of Color.


Gated Community:
White ghetto.


Can be directed at People of Color - with impunity - but not Whites.


Something to wear; depending on whom one wishes to impress.
Illegal Immigrant:
Undocumented migrant who is made to seem illegal - as such - merely by lacking autochthonous identity-documentation, as opposed to someone who merely acts illegally - who is never described as an illegal burglar or an illegal murderer. (See also: Bogus Asylum-Seeker.)
Immigration Control:
The White fear that People of Color will become the new ethnic majority and treat Whites as Whites have always treated People of Color.
Natural state of affairs; rendering fairness unnecessary.
Institutional Racism:
Providing Whites with psychological and material benefits - in perpetuity.
Appeasing People of Color doing what Whites tell them to do, based on the White fear that no-one else would ever associate with them without White emotional-blackmail. (See also: Segregation.)
International Community:
Whites agreeing among themselves.


Je Suis Charlie:
Fuck Muslims! (When People of Color Whites do not agree with are killed for exercising their right to free speech, Whites never express solidarity.)
Judge of Character:
Something Whites can never be since Whites never judge others (or themselves) by their character or their behavior. (See also: Anaïs Nin - we don't judge others by who they are, but by who we are.)
White dominion over everyone else.


System for protecting Whites from People of Color.


Political system for ensuring People of Color obtain little political power; ie, a system sanctioning the irrationality of the majority over the minority.
Something Whites automatically possess but which all others must earn.
The decline in the number of Whites in favor of an increase in the number of People of Color.
Philosophical conceits getting in the way of what Whites want. (See also: Ethics)
Revealing Whites as not the best at everything.


That which Whites confuse with Ethnicity.
Not All White people are racist!:
Fuck you, Nigger.
  1. How Whites label a People of Color; or,
  2. a Person of Color who spends too much time with Whites; ie, more than 20%.


Any Whitespeak beginning this way really means: Our White.


Passive aggression:
People of Color agreeing to be labeled by their nationality, but judged by their ethnicity.
Penis Size:
Whites believe People of Color will out-breed them - even in largely-White countries; eg, Oh, my God! You’re tearing me apart!
People of Color:
Everyone not identifying as White.
Personal life:
Politics in the bedroom.
Friend substitute.
Playing the Race Card:
Blaming People of Color for the benefits Whites obtain from White supremacy.
Emotional repression and Passive Aggression.
Political Correctness
Substitute for political discourse - equivalent to Newspeak - the major cause of paranoid schizophrenia among Whites.
Substitute for a fulfilling love-life.
Positive Discrimination:
  1. Unearned privilege to which Whites are automatically entitled; eg, Racial quotas for Whites
  2. Unearned advantage for which People of Color must be be condemned; eg, Racial quotas for Blacks.
White anger at such a policy equals that of People of Color regarding White Supremacy - the only equality the two groups experience. (See also: Affirmative Action.)
Protestant Work Ethic:
Keeping Whites busy to evade the realization they do not have fulfilling personal lives.


Racial Diversity:
Political distraction from the constant White need for attention. (See also: Diversity.)
White person who believes his achievements are solely his own, unaided work.
Race Card:
Card that only People of Color can play; but from which only Whites can benefit.
Race Relations:
Never taking People of Color seriously.
Attempt to prevent People of Color revealing Whites are just like everybody else.
That which only benefits Whites, but which Whites claim does not exist.
Rat Race:
Whites confusing material success with personal pride.
White supremacy is natural.
Reverse Racism:
That which can only benefit Whites and which Whites claim does exist. This is really richly-deserved-but-imagined Black revenge for centuries of White supremacy and the basic excuse Whites make to hang-on to White supremacy - to ward-off such revenge; while maintaining White Supremacy.


People of Color not doing what they are told to do by Whites - to preserve their cultural identity. (See also: Integration.)
Sexual Repression:
Suppressing ones sexuality to make one appear above that sort of thing compared to those who embrace theirs. (See also: Erotophobia.)
White male fear that White females are sexually-attracted to Black men.
The study of Whites & their alienation from the human race. (See also: Anthropology)
Suppressing ones humanity to make one appear better than those who embrace theirs.


That which few People of Color possess; eg, nearly all Academy Awards are won by Whites.
Passive aggression.






War on Terror:
Attempt to prevent People of Color revealing Whites are terrified; eg, Keep Calm and Carry On.
White Culture:
Political system needing constant valorization through endemic hostility to all other cultures; eg, The Personal is Political.
White emotional-blackmail:
Remember to not remind Whites they are racist and Whites will try not to remind POC they are Niggers.
White Guilt:
Belief that White supremacy is morally-wrong and that People of Color are, therefore, culturally superior to Whites and fully-justified in taking revenge on Whites for the fact they all benefit from it.
White People:
A people defining themselves solely by what they are not.
White Pride:
Substitute for a lack of personal achievements.
White Privilege:
Conflating merit with genetics.
White Society:
People of Color accepting the permanence of White supremacy; Whites accepting the permanence of White Guilt.
White Supremacy:
Fear that if People of Color treated Whites as Whites treat People of Color, there would be permanent Racewar.
Anything a White says being automatically and unquestionably true.
White Trash:
Whites taking out their own trash - rather than forcing someone else to do so; while pretending that they are a better kind of White.


White belief People of Color will treat Whites as Whites treat People of Color.





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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Charlie Hebdo

Whites are Charlie Hebdo

Free Speech ain’t Free

All Actions Have Consequences

Hypocritical White revulsion at the murder of twelve Whites for exercising their White-given right to Free Speech is expected to grow; consistent White revulsion at Whites who mock the religious beliefs of others is expected to decrease.

Whites are still asserting their right to offend, but not to be offended - all to evade the fact that Whites use offensiveness because they know they are going to lose any argument attempting to justify their right to offend - so they might just as well be offensive from the get-go.

Whites still have yet to learn the difference between mockery and criticism, because the latter would be to admit that what is being attacked is worthy of fair treatment - not something for which Caucasians are famous.

Conflating the Personal with the Political means Whites taking Political comments Personally. The view that all of life is give and take and nothing is to be shared explains White hostility and loneliness when others disagree. Only Whites believe they possess the right not to be offended, which is why White Websites are so heavily moderated - in case the truth finds its way in. Thus, by claiming the alleged right not to be offended, Whites claim the right to offend - to offend those they fear most. When Whites talk of Free Speech, the mean Free Speech for Whites - others must keep their mouths closed on pain of death.

Whites now increasingly find that they have to justify their behavior rather than expecting it to be automatically accepted as normal. Non-Whites and Jews have always had to be careful what they say, within White hearing, for fear of being killed – now Whites are getting a taste of their own medicine.

Western Whites never have to self-determine since White supremacy is a given for them and only requires the effort to blank-out reality and pretend White guilt was invented by Black people to make it work. Yet Whites now suddenly find their cherished belief that Whites are entitled to speak as they please is not as consequenceless as they had hoped.

Whites will cower: Nothing makes one shut up more than the threat of being killed for speaking out. Whites call it Terrorism precisely because they are the ones terrified. As with White supremacy, Whites will bite their tongues and evade the issue rather than face the fact that they are not truly civilized by virtue of the fact that they initiated the terror in the first place.

No matter how angry and fearful Whites are at Muslims, they will focus more on keeping their White supremacy to themselves in future than in openly-expressing it because few Whites are actually prepared to die for their beliefs – they have always expected others to die for them and their White beliefs.

As Whites are condemned for using White supremacist expressions like “With Us or Against Us”, “Illegal Immigrant” or “Bogus Asylum-Seeker”, Whites now face the choice of abandoning Free Speech for Whites and replacing it with Responsible Speech for All. This will never happen, of course - so more Whites must prepare to die for their White beliefs.

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