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Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.

At around 12:50, on Tuesday 25 April 2017 someone was sitting in front of desktop PC05 (which I had booked) in Tunbridge Wells’ Library without actually using it: He was, however, using a laptop.

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He reluctantly agreed to move; after questioning me as to why he should. He expressed no surprise at my claim of having booked the computer, so knew perfectly well that they are bookable and that he was simply being contumely. Fortunately, he was not too obstreperous about this, so there was no need for any unpleasantness – as there was on 7/11/2015, 7/1/2016 and 31/3/2017, for example.

Bizarrely, he then moved to sit in front of PC06 and began working on his laptop in front of that computer; similarly blocking its use from anyone who might happen to book it. Oddly, he did not relocate to PC03, even though it was clearly marked as out‑of‑order.

Clearly, White people believe that public space is their own private fiefdom and that public property is for their sole use, such that public services can be arrogantly and provocatively blocked for the use of anyone not deemed to have these same (non‑existent) rights. Are Whites so intellectually‑stupefied by the benefits of racism that exercising White privilege (in thus playing the race card) becomes their only means of navigating (ie, commandeering) public space?

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Clearly, White people believe they do not require advance booking, at all, because they will be placed (or will place themselves) at the front of any queue. Because this kind of behaviour automatically‑invalidates any kind of booking system, it allows Whites to effectively jump‑the‑queue that such behaviour makes redundant.

Moreover, this behaviour is similar‑in‑principle to an able‑bodied person parking in a disabled parking space. It is an attempt at public space colonialism, because of a desire not to want to understand the shared nature of public spaces in civilised societies; based upon the implicit assumption that everyone else is only able to use public services with their permission – which is only ever reluctantly given. A modern‑day form of apartheid; bringing to mind those signs of yore, such as: Europeans Only or Whites Only Drinking Fountain.


Expect Respect

Postscript: There are no signs in the library pointing‑out that:

  1. library computers (along with the spaces & seats in front of them) are only for the use of those actually logged‑in to &/or booked onto these PCs; &, therefore,
  2. those who use the library’s Wi‑Fi should refrain from blocking the use of the library’s own desktop computers with theirs.

Do Caucasians really lack the common sense to realise these rather obvious points without having to be told them, in writing – like those gentlemen who need signs requesting they wash their hands after using a public toilet?

I always advance‑book a computer session precisely because of recurring incidents like this, so that I can prove a prior claim to use a PC when it is being effectively disabled, arbitrarily, by a customer who thinks public property is actually their own private or personal property.

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