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Lunatics Taking Over the Asylum


Lunatics Taking Over the Asylum

Trashy Cultures Produce Trashy People

The rule of law is better than the rule of any individual.

Image of Aristotle (384322 BCE), Greek Philosopher. Politics, Book 3, chapter 3, section 16 (350 BCE).

On Friday, 31 March 2017 15:05, I approached PC05 in Tunbridge Wells’ Library. A White male saw me do so then, knowingly and intentionally, stepped right in front of me and then unplugged it to insert his mobile phone charger; seating himself at the chair in front of it to deliberately block my passage.

His companion (another White male) trying to use PC06 noted my presence and I was forced to remove the charger and re‑insert the PC plug into its socket. I then asked this man to move and relinquish the seat for PC05.

He became sullen and childish and his standing companion demanded I should remain polite when dealing with racial‑harassment – something I never do, since racist micro‑aggressions:

  1. Always call forth my generalised contempt for Caucasians;
  2. put me under no obligation to treat racists as equals; &,
  3. are based upon the White supremacy that can get me and my kind killed.

The standing gentleman wisely chose to de‑escalate a situation, which I never initiated (that he realised could so easily have turned physically‑violent); by getting his companion to relinquish the seat he was occupying – thereby allowing me to go about my lawful business in a lawful manner.

His wisdom, however, did not extend to not causing such attention‑seeking public spectacles in the first place, nor to realising that civil‑rights work both ways and a violation of any one is likely to lead to an equal violation by the violated.

PC05 clearly indicated that it had been booked, yet the seated gentleman initially‑refused to relinquish the chair for PC05 and, in a childish fit of pique, pushed it across the room so that it hit the back of the chair of a woman sitting at (I think) PC02. She remonstrated with him briefly about this.

I somehow doubt that if I went to their homes and ate their food and watched their tvs (claiming private property was public property, in the process), that their response would be any less aggressive than mine to their implicit claim of personally owning public property by believing they can disable PCs and use public electricity outlets to charge their phones.

Scared at the thought of a well‑built Black man physically‑attacking them, they both then tried to blame the intended victim of their White supremacist attitudes by complaining of the fact that they now found they could not sit next to me on PC06 because of the bad atmosphere which now existed – which they, themselves, irresponsibly created!

They soon left, muttering insults such as Fucking prick and Twat.

Needless to say, neither male complained to library staff about my behaviour, since they both knew they were in the wrong; making it obvious how discourteous Whites know their behaviour is while they are busy defending their imaginary White supremacist rights – all the while expecting Black people to be remain polite as they do so. (Of course, I also never complained to library staff about them, since the last time I did [7/1/2016], I was accused of being racist and then subsequently banned from all Kent libraries for six months – tacitly accused of the non‑existent Protest Psychosis.)

Moreover, no apology was offered me by either; hardly surprising from people who have about as much respect for others as they do for themselves.

As usual with White males, necessarily‑aggressive and intimidating behaviour from Black males ‑ even when outnumbered (as here) ‑ is enough to cool their racist ardour, as they self‑fulfillingly attempt to convince themselves that Black people are so dangerous to White people that their White supremacy is actually somehow justified.

The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen.

Lex Talionis

My physical size was mentioned by them as somehow a threat despite this not obviously being the case when they decided to obstruct me. Why fear me for my size after the incident they initiated rather than before it, since my size did not change at any time? It was only their realisation that I was not going to permit their monkey‑like bad behaviour that changed.

In the twisted world of White people, People Of Colour (POC) using their physical size against White supremacists is bad; while White supremacists using their racism against POC is somehow OK. Whites think it unfair that they were born smaller than those they hate and fear, so are stupid enough to antagonise those bigger than themselves; auto‑creating conflicts they are too physically & psychologically weak to fight.

This absurd White terrorism tacitly confesses to a peculiar mental weakness: Given that there were two of them, and only one of me, my size should never have been a problem; unless the master race’s fear of POC is so great that, even when the odds are in their favour, they back down? Equal‑opportunities’ racists believe Black people should handicap themselves to make White supremacy easier to practice: That Blacks actually fighting back is somehow fundamentally‑unfair to White people!

I have learned from years of experience with White people that my physique is the only weapon I need carry in public – a weapon, the public possession of which, I cannot be arrested for.

Respectability politics

This was also a rather obvious example of the White desire that POC always be polite to them no matter the provocation and no matter the fact that politesse is a two‑way street. And no matter the fact that despite higher Black standards of public behaviour, Whites will still be racist to them.

Deferentially‑appeasing White societal values does not promote respect but is, instead, a fear‑fuelled defence mechanism designed by Whites for the sole use of minority communities. Such protection‑racketeering creates a clear challenge for POC in negotiating everyday social spaces; potentially negatively‑impacting their mental health, since White supremacy is not a reaction to unethical Black behaviour (which can be changed) but to undesired skin colouration (which cannot). This means White acceptance, respect & even common courtesy can only ever result from Black self‑denial; offering POC no incentive to behave as submissively as Whites would like.

Despite living every day with institutionalised racism, if POC express any emotion while talking about it, they are told they are being angry – in a desperate White attempt to shut down the speaker and invalidate their arguments by claiming they are being overly‑sensitive or emotional; Whites playing the race card which only they can benefit from. Yet, Whites never explain why people who live in constant fear for themselves, their friends, their families & their entire ethnic group should not be angry. Must women being raped be polite to their assailants?

Regarding White supremacy – marginalisation, ostracism & exclusion – it is not up to Whites to decide how upset POC should be. If Whites have a right to express their true feelings, then so do POC – even, and especially, when those expressions frighten Whites – since there can be no such thing as being too loud or too angry when it comes to standing up for the value of one’s life. (No‑one is required to earn the human rights they were born with by doing as Whites tell them.) And yet, there is no self‑respectful concern here for how POC feel about such high‑handed & arrogant displays of White privilege, along with the belief that I have no right to be annoyed about it.

Clearly, White supremacists value their hurt feelings more highly than the lives of POC: The former must be protected at all costs, lest a single White person be shown as complicit in a racist system designed to adversely affect millions whose lives Whites simply do not care about; proving they are just as sub‑human as they claim POC are.

It takes huge amounts of White chutzpah to be abusive and then to claim that it is, in fact, the abuser whom is being abused (like a murdering US policeman claiming a fleeing Black male made him fear for his life). However, it is an infallible rule of retribution that its instrument be forged not by the offended, but by the offenders, in their desperate bid to rationalise their problem‑causing behaviour. If White people do not wish to see Black anger, it is simple: Stop provoking it. (Politeness aimed at racists can only lead to more Sharpevilles.)


If I allow anyone to define my rights without my consent then I, effectively, give them the right to do as they wish to (& with) me – even to the point of their deciding to end my life whenever they see fit.

There is clearly here an inability to distinguish right from wrong and to indulge in immature fantasies of self‑righteous empowerment over others, since White hypocrisy is deeply‑rooted in the Caucasian voodoo of White supremacy and its attendant political superstitions, despite the fact that social existence is a rule‑governed ritual. Yet, sad people bend these rules and exploit loopholes; while engaging in social performances that obey common expectations, but which are designed to defy others and, thereby, gain unearned respect. They do this to avoid taking personal responsibility for resolving their personal problems, despite the fact that social life (following upon the natural sociality of human beings) implicates the individual in a web of moral obligations, commitments & duties to be fulfilled in pursuit of both the common and the individual good. Yet, these issues are superfluous to Whites (since this kind of manic behaviour in the UK is only ever regularly‑manifested by them), yet they are central to good moral character.

White Whine

These gentlemen were both annoyed that their claims of White supremacy did not make me fear them, despite the fact that no‑one has ever met a truly‑superior White person. It was the usual malignantly‑narcissistic White attempt to openly‑express their resentment that I had first‑refusal over a PC I had booked and was willing to fight them over their erroneous belief that the booking system does not apply to me and could, therefore, be so easily‑invalidated by them.

There is something absurdly peculiar in fear‑fuelled White self‑pity in that it is also, simultaneously, designed to be self‑aggrandising: The kind of moral hazard occasioned by indulging fantasies of the world owing one a living – along with the belief that treating others well is somehow a psychic‑loss to the well‑behaved.

Legal Rights

No‑one can tell me why POC have to put up with racist nonsense, especially as my inevitably‑angry response is a scary learning‑curve for those who mistakenly‑assume I should. My rage also ensures that those other Whites who witness my behaviour are less likely to emulate racist acts toward ethnic minorities in the future – all in the interests of ethnic self‑defence. After all, behaviours associated with anger are designed to warn aggressors to stop their threatening behaviour, which is why modern psychologists view it as a primary, a natural & a mature emotion, experienced by virtually all humans – and as something that has functional survival value. Living in a racist White culture, I have had to toughen‑up since my very life depends upon doing so. And if I can do this then, in principle, so can they; regarding endemic issues such as White guilt, fear and resentment.

Filtering Customers

It is hardly surprising that few POC use the Library Service in Kent, given the open hostility of both its staff and customers to their very presence. This, despite the fact of ongoing decline in the Britain’s public libraries that is partly attributable to their not wanting any POC customers; thereby hastening the decline.

Fear & Loathing

In the first instance, I employ the Golden Rule of public behaviour: Only do unto others what you would wish done to you. When others do not follow this rule, I then use the norm of reciprocity: Do unto them what they have done to you.

Given the trashy people White culture regularly produces, and the fact that no‑one I know really has the time for their childishness, POC clearly need to be appropriately‑aggressive, suitably‑threatening and personally‑intimidating to Whites in order to enforce the rights they actually do possess and, thereby, to stop Whites enforcing rights they do not. POC have no choice but to be anti‑racist, at all times, if they wish to survive. And exploiting White fear is comparatively easy, since Whites already fear POC – as the above example clearly reveals.

Postscript: Coincidentally, I was recently reading an article on 249-665-1-PB.pdfWhite fragility, which helps explain some of the underlying psychological‑processes at work in this racial incident:

  1. Because Whites think they can claim unfair treatment when their racially‑entitled position is challenged by People of colour POC, Whites are able to demand that more social resources (eg, time & attention) be channelled in their direction to help them cope with the alleged mistreatment: If privilege is defined as a legitimisation of one’s entitlement to resources, it can also be defined as permission to escape or avoid any challenges to this entitlement (Vodde [2001], page 3); &,
  2. by suggesting POC are abusing White people in expecting equality, Whites tap into the classic discourse of People of Colour (POC) as dangerous‑because‑inherently‑violent; perverting the actual direction of danger existing between Whites and others. The history of brutal, extensive, institutionalised & ongoing violence perpetrated by Whites against POC becomes profoundly‑trivialised when Whites claim they are under attack in the unusual situation of merely interacting with POC; illustrating how fragile and ill‑equipped White people are to confront the racial tensions they create – and their subsequent, evasive projection of White maladjustment onto POC (Morrison, 1992).

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