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General Enquiry, For the Attention Of: Marketing & Front-of-House

Yesterday (Sunday, 6 March 2011) at about 1pm, I went into the Trinity Theatre in hopes of buying a ticket for the evening movie performance (The Way Back). I was met by a rather surly male who was oddly-delighted to tell me that I could not buy tickets until the Box Office was open.

I then had to ask when the Box Office would be selling tickets and he claimed it was open an hour before the performance began. He then corrected himself by saying that the Box Office was open at 6:30pm. He clearly did not really know despite assuming an air of knowing, as well as being oddly-reluctant to be as helpful as the needs of business demand; ie, making money by promoting ones services.

He then suggested I peruse your Website and I again had to ask the rather obvious question as to what the address for this might be.

The ‘How to Book Tickets’ page of your Website says tickets can be booked in person by 'visiting the Box Office during opening hours'. Sadly, this page neglects to say what these hours are, or might be.

Because I live nearby, and do not have a domestic Internet connection, it is easier for me to purchase tickets from the Box Office, itself. Could you please therefore tell me what the Box Office opening hours actually are?

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