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Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 5:24 PM


This afternoon – at 16:30 - I asked a male member of staff in the Tunbridge Wells Reference Library for extra time on the library PCs; having used my daily allowance of one hour in the morning.

I was told there were no free computers until 17:00 and he did not book any for me at that time.

Having had this same problem with this same member of staff some time ago, I went downstairs and asked a female member of staff to book me on to one of the library’s PCs. She booked me on to PC 1 at 16:44.

The latter booking proves there is no rule about not pre-booking extra time, as implied by the first member of staff’s refusal to offer me that option. It also proves that there is no consistent policy here regarding the booking of extra PC time; meaning that staff can do as they please; that is, use their discretion. Sadly, this can also easily become discrimination against customers for undisclosed reasons.

When anyone is allowed to engage in such prima facie discrimination, there will always be some who will seize the opportunity to vent their personal problems on customers. The inconsistency here is obvious and White staff should think more before acting inconsistently since inconsistency can easily be misconstrued as White supremacy.

Only a clear policy – preferably one programmed into the booking software – can ensure transparent and consistent staff behavior - for the benefit of all residents of Tunbridge Wells and not just the White ones.


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