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…Some animals are more equal than others


All animals are equal, but…

What happened

At about 15:30, on Saturday 27 June 2015, at Tunbridge Wells Reference Library I booked PC19 and then went upstairs to find someone sitting at - but not using - it; staring intently into a smartphone.

I politely asked him to move - he did so - but then resentfully told me he could have used any of the unused PCs. A statement of the obvious, obviously indicating he was upset by being asked to move. His childishness was exacerbated by his school-masterly attempt to intimidate me by demanding I respond to his question of whether I had heard his statement (of the obvious): Did you hear what I said?.

He then moved to PC17 and logged-in to it.


The above incident raises a number of questions about the state of this customer’s intellect, along with the fact that the Kent library system is clearly not understood by many customers (even by members):

  1. Why would anyone think a desk with a working PC on it was intended for some purpose other than computing?
  2. Why would anyone assume that anyone else would ask them to move from sitting-at a particular PC (while others are not being unused) if that particular PC had not been booked in advance?
  3. Why did he not log-in to an unused PC, in the first place, rather than block a booked one?
    1. Is it possible to use more than one PC simultaneously?
  4. Why feel aggrieved about a perfectly reasonable request to move - reasonably expressed?
  5. Why try to give the impression of having more rights to public utilities than anyone else?
    1. Where does he obtain a right to become an obstacle to other’s?
  6. Why pretend someone else is making an irrational request to vacate a seat (without evidence) unless the pretender, themselves, is irrational? &,
  7. His moving at my request proves he knew the request valid, so why whine about it?

I assume the answer to all these questions is White supremacy, since this man was blocking a public utility - booked by a Black man - with no good reason; while clearly seeing the following words on the monitor screen of PC19: This machine has been booked. (I cannot remotely book a PC and, simultaneously, know if anyone is sitting at it when I book - so this incident cannot be the result of anything oddly anti-social on my part.)


Unless he has a different (or more rational) explanation for a) blocking PCs that are booked by others; b) that he is not using; or, c) whinging about being reasonably asked to move, this peculiar public behaviour of deliberately trying to undermine the library booking system - and the library’s public facilities, as a whole - will persist.



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