Thursday, 31 December 2015



The Necessary Corrective to Caucasian Propaganda

Today, at about midday, I went to Tunbridge Wells Library to pick up six DVD reservations.

A White woman behind me asked to be excused before I had finished making my selections from the reservation shelf; obviously believing that she had some kind of right to queue jump.

She became rudely sarcastic when I refused to believe she had more civil rights than she and I was, in turn, sarcastic to her. (see attached audio recording below)

It is noticeable that when Whites talk to each other, they are generally polite. But when they think they can get away with being rude to a Black person, they will be rude to a Black person; by implying the latter has no human nor civil rights - as a member of staff did to me on 30 May 2015 (15:15) by implying I was a liar, before I had even opened my mouth to speak. Yet, Whites vigorously deny that any such recorded behavior actually occurs; proving them either schizophrenic or amoral.

I make these complaints to show that I am not complaining for the sake of it, Whites - both customers and staff - really do have psychological problems dealing with those they consider inferior (as if they would prefer less customers & a failing service?!) and that my complaints do not come from any problems it is believed I possess, but from an odd attitude to life that tries to deny its own existence, despite the mountain of evidence that it does exist. in the long term, this helps correct the Caucasian propaganda referred to in the title of this e-mail.


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