Saturday, 23 July 2016



Saturday, 23 July 2016
Andrew Stephens
Head of Libraries, Registration and Archives
Kent History and Library Centre
James Whatman Way
ME14 1LQ



If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), English dramatist, poet. Shylock, in The Merchant of Venice, act 3, scene 1.

Thank you for your letter of 1st February 2016, to which this a first response.

Like all White supremacists, the Library Service thinks it is judge, jury & executioner in its own cause, with no reason to take into account anyone else, objective evidence, equality-before-the-law, harassment, discrimination, etc.

You demand the courtesy and respect I rarely receive from library staff. In the past, it has been suggested that I am a liar and a violator of the Computer Misuse Act – all without any evidence, whatsoever. I have been patronisingly told that double-booking the library Personal Computers (PCs) is impossible, that the Library Service utilises Closed‑Circuit Television (CCtv) (without telling anyone in writing) and that White customers can randomly-determine which services Black customers are allowed to use.

Bizarrely, I was even once told – in writing – that I was in the library after it had closed to download Internet pornography and that a Website you do not filter and which contains nothing in violation of the Acceptable‑Use Policy (AUP) was one I should avoid, in future. I was also once stopped from using the PCs at Tonbridge library simply because the White staff thought they could – unilaterally – do so without any written warning or reason being given. The ban was quickly lifted, after I verbally-complained, despite it never existing in the first place: Schizophrenics and paranoiacs are not respecters of objective facts.

Needless to say, iIt became clear that the Library Service is institutionally‑racist and I told it so, in writing.

Courtesy is the by-product of self-respect; hence, the ease with which I display it. Self-respect is what the White staff clearly lack, since it has to be earned – a goal to which White library staff are too lazy to work toward: Only the lonely demand the respect that they lack the necessary get‑up‑and‑go to earn. Because it is impossible to legislate for love, your letter reeks of the condescension of those who cannot respect themselves enough to display the courtesy for others that they demand for themselves from them; hence, your bizarre claim that the situation you people have created is escalating – but from what to what and by whom?

Your organisation's lack of courtesy and respect for others means you believe you are above criticism when asked why the Library Service filters anti‑racist & Caucasian‑mocking Websites from public viewing: A question you still have not answered. (There is no reference on the AUP regarding anti‑racism being a blockable category.) Any criticism of the essence of White culture leads Whites to suppress what they do not agree with, in this case: Anti-racism.

Because it is impossible to double-book library PCs, it is impossible for me to continue using a PC that has been booked by someone else – as you falsely claim – unless I know their Library‑Card number & Personal Identification Number (PIN). That you imply you do not know this means the Head of Libraries does not know how the library systems work. The White supremacist who tried to intimidate me from continuing my ongoing computer session that day simply thought Black people can be disrespected, harassed & abused to satisfy the inane requirements of White supremacy. I can therefore do likewise, in the interests of racial equality, to Whites but, once again, my self-respect prevents me from doing anything more than give back the disrespect I am given.

You claim Library Volunteers are allowed to harass, interfere-with and pester customers who have not asked for help and treat them as though they are ignorant. This means I can condescendingly do likewise, but do not do so out of self-respect – I simply make it very clear that their behaviour is unacceptable and move on. Alleged staff disabilities offer no excuse for profound discourtesy and arrogant disrespect for others – such social-disability and emotional-ineptitude implies the existence of a presumably-incurable disease allowing all rude people to get away with their rudeness by claiming an inner and irresistible compulsion to do so. This would also mean that people so afflicted could never be courteous and respectful to customers and should, therefore, never be employed. Yet, the Library Service employs many losers, freaks & morons in the belief in its impunity from having to obey the normal rules of healthy social interaction. For sheer unprofessionalism, they are very hard to beat. (I leave my problems at home – where they belong – as should others.)

So long as Whites continue to believe Black people only have second‑class citizenship rights, they will always be confronted with the Black rage Whites are so frightened of, yet spend so much time provoking. (Perhaps this will teach Whites how to improve their low standards of behaviour?)

Because White staff side with the White supremacist customers it they molly‑coddles, the Library Service remains an institutionally-racist ghetto. Your letter never mentions the fact that I was courteous up until the White staff and White customers decided that a Black man had no rights they need respect and that lies could be freely told about him. And I am very happy to deal with the White supremacists you fear since I obtain no benefit from White supremacy and thus possess no fear of losing such unearned advantages. (You Whites are trapped within the ethical limitations of your culture, I am not.)

I also know of no non-derogatory terms for White supremacists other than expressions such as: “Fuckhole” or “White cunt”, nor am I aware of many more effective means to scare Whites out of their racist torpor: An easy thing for a Black man to do, since Whites are already scared of Black people.

The police never contacted me about any of the incidents you mention, so you are either a liar, have been lied-to or both. (Trying to frighten me with another institutionally-racist organisation like the Police Service is never going to work because I have not initiated any criminal wrongdoing – the White staff and White customers always do that.)

Your attempt to spin the many recordings I made in Kent libraries over the years shows just how frightened you are of being objectively observed; that is, having your institutional racism pointed-out to you. When the staff realised I was doing it, they suddenly became more polite than before; making me realise even more suspicious that without White supremacy their mediocre talents would achieve very little for them in life. It also explains why there is no CCtv in Kent libraries, since this would provide further proof of how degenerate so many of the White staff & the White customers really are. You are absurdly-surprised that I am willing to fight back (my right) – as if White supremacy were a god-given right enshrined in a statute law that has never been shown to exist – as if I were suffering from drapetomania.

You will appreciate that institutional racism – even the Ethnic Monitoring carried out by the Library Service is racist – will not be tolerated. None of the incidents you mention were initiated by myself – since I routinely avoid the company of White people – and I have better things to do than waste my valuable time with my inferiors. You will need to provide ethnic minorities with a written assurance that Library staff will treat them with courtesy and that their White supremacist tendencies and those of White customers will be both curbed and punished – for the good of all. (I do not need to demand your respect, I already have this for myself.)

Your comments about me are racially-one-sided, lacking in supporting evidence & without credible witnesses – only complaints made by Caucasoids are ever believed. Your Negrophobic unwillingness to provide a public service to the darker-skinned can be ameliorated by simply treating Black people as you would wish to be treated – then you would have no rational reason to fear the inevitable Black response to White supremacy. But White supremacy is, in itself, supremely irrational; explaining why incidents like these never happen to Whites. Because I cannot change my skin colour, it is for you to change your negative attitude toward it – if you possess the moral courage, that is.



Postscript: Please stop sending me e-mails to return library items when you have banned me from entering any Kent library – it just shows how stupid White supremacy is.

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