Sunday, 29 January 2017

Caveat Emptor



On Monday, 9 January 2017, I returned an empty DVD case to your Tunbridge Wells store.

I had purchased three DVDs two days before, only to find that when I got home, one of them (The Associate) was minus a disc.

First, I was asked if I wanted to select another DVD from your shelving but, since no newer DVDs were likely to have been put on display in the short interval between purchase and return, I declined.

Then, on presenting the receipt for this transaction, I was told DVDs cost GBP£1.00, each, when the receipt total showed GBP£3.00: She did not know how to read the receipts proffered by her own organisation, since individual prices are also noted on them.

She then asked me if I had checked the DVD cases before buying, despite the fact that customers are under no legal obligation to affirm the merchantable quality of items purchased. If they were, they would – for example – have to count the pages of the books they purchased to ensure they were all present.

She then went‑on to suggest I take a credit note for GBP£1.00 but, since I am unlikely to return to a store with such an odd view of customer service, it was simpler to ask for a cash refund.

While till‑processing this refund, she repeatedly claimed that all DVD cases are checked as‑to‑content prior to being put on sale; making Pepenbury a perfect organisation that never makes mistakes. If so, you would then be the first perfect anything with which I have ever come into contact.

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