Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dear Diary

Michael claims attitudes to homosexuals have changed yet offers no proof save his belief that others tell the truth about their attitudes. This is naive, morally wrong and dangerous since it can get homosexuals killed if they believe that heterosexuals are no longer a threat to them. Ultimately he claims that his opinions and his resultant political ideology are of greater value than facts and truth. A typically-White viewpoint.

Michael claims it is rational not to read device instructions because he is too lazy to do so even though one gets better use from a device when one understands it fully. He claims the right to drive a car without a license;

Michael claims English Civil War was not a revolution because it is called a civil war not because it actually was one. That it was more like a revolution is less important than political ideology and always wanting to be right;

Michael once again reveals his social snobbery by claiming he would prefer doctors to welfare claimants as licensees despite having no evidence that this would be best. His one experience with the welfare bureaucracy leads him to denigrate an entire class of person on the basis of it. He simultaneously claims that he would like 'to help' while making it clear his snobbery precludes him from doing so: He can talk the talk but not walk the walk. He is a typical liberal: A conservative in sheep’s' clothing.

Michael leaves his washing up while condemning others for doing likewise. He has the White man's belief that he can do as he pleases but others cannot. Like all Whites his life has failed since he offers no evidence of his superiority.

Michael believes that all cultures would be as bad as White culture - given half a chance - but offers no evidence save nonsense like slaves being used to build the pyramids and feudal serfdom being the same as slavery;

Michael believes there is a spectrum of work from art to craft but offers no evidence that this is so when it clearly is not - he merely repeats statements in the hope that this makes them true through repetition;

Michael has problems with metaphysics and ontology and will evade ethics in his obsession with politics;

Michael believes birth circumstances are more important than character - and foregrounds his middle-classness;

Meritocracy for Whites; quota system for Blacks;

Michael claims to believe the personal is not political yet cannot refrain from introducing himself into the debate;

Michael believes bio-diversity is more important than survival issues;

Michael believes recycling works and that his guilt and shame at the waste he creates will salve his conscience;

Nichelle Nichols;

Parkinson's Law is universal but only applies to the lower-class;

Slaves were used to build the pyramids;

Space travel funded by tourism!?

Terra-forming works!?

Feudal serfdom was the same as the North Atlantic Slave Trade!?

Experiments exist to prove that observation affects what is observed;

Kleptomania - especially re; towels;


  1. Gas being left on only started after William's arrival;
  2. following me round switching off lights and nitpicking the one time I left the bathroom window open;
  3. hardly likely to become forgetful after 6 months;
  4. unlikely to become forgetful only on gas rather than lights or oven;
  5. William is forgetful re; bathroom doors & lights, washing-up, oven glove, flushing toilet, etc.

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