Monday, 11 June 2012

South Eastern Railways

I boarded a Railway Replacement bus 514 yesterday morning at 08:40 after being told that it was going to Hastings by railway staff at Tunbridge Wells' station.

The driver never fully inspected my ticket so I asked him if he was going to Hastings to make sure and was brusquely told that he was going to Wadhurst followed by something spoken too quickly to be heard. He pointed at the sign in the bus as if I were a fool without explaining how I would get to Hastings. I replied that I was told otherwise and he merely replied with even greater sarcasm surliness, inappropriate aggression and menace that the bus was going to Wadhurst and that I should change there for the train to Hastings. I replied: 'I see.'

I have never used a rail replacement service before and do not know the area well - so needed simple instruction and help which I never received.

This is poor customer service as well as racist.

The service at Wadhurst station was somewhat better even though the train indicator for Hastings was displayed on the wrong platform and the ticket office was closed. When the train arrived at the opposite platform, train staff ensured passengers had time to cross the footbridge and board the train.

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