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I booked PC19 on the ground floor of Tunbridge Wells library on Friday, 19/12/2014 for around 09:10 - before ascending to the first floor.

I was a few minutes early and found another customer logging-in to PC19 – despite the computer indicating only a few minutes were available. He logged-off when the computer indicated – again - he had less than 10 minutes computer time available to him and made for the Reference Library Reception desk.

I then logged-on to PC19 and was accosted (see annotated transcript below) by this same customer who believed he had prior access to a PC at which he was not sitting and which he had not booked.

He claimed he was somehow ‘on’ that particular computer while standing at Reception (I did not notice he had such long arms!) and despite the fact the PC screen clearly displayed the words: “This machine has been booked” before I logged in. (Otherwise, I would not have been able to log-in.)

Unlike director’s chairs, library seats do not have customer names written on their backs and PCs are numbered rather than named. (Perhaps he meant I booked/logged-in over him while sitting on his lap - but I cannot remember doing so!)

He then asked when I had booked it; an irrelevant question implying I was lying about my pre-booking, but without the slightest evidence; automatically assuming a Black man in the wrong. Yet, he was lying when claiming he was ‘on’ PC19. And, since half the computers were available, I would not sit at an unavailable PC when so many were free.

He obviously believes on-screen messages (telling him of limited availability) do not apply to him. However, his English was fluent and, so, he cannot claim he did not understand them. His abusive response to my telling him this (in the absence of any other available face-saving gambit) proved his essentially-abusive nature and that he knew PC19:

  1. Had been booked; &,
  2. not by him.

He was subsequently booked on to PC4 by a member of staff at around the same time, so should be easy to trace. It would, after all, be very interesting to hear his explanation for his claim to special rights & privileges that have never existed - especially in light of his attempt to prevent a Black man from using a public computer - without lawful excuse or any kind of provocation.

With public services, it is Black customers’ experience that Caucasians believe they:

  1. Can condescend to others;
  2. need not advance-book;
  3. can interfere with Black people going about their lawful business (violating the Library Service’s AUP re; disrupting the work of others - as well as harassment law, possession being nine-tenths of the law, the principle of 1st-come-1st-served & common courtesy);
  4. can lie with impunity;
  5. have greater civil rights in public than non-Whites & Jews;
  6. are not bound by the rules others must follow;
  7. can pretend the world owes them a living;
  8. can act on what they want to be true rather than what is; &,
  9. can behave childishly when losing arguments to other ethnic groups.

Only in places like apartheid South Africa did Whites ever have the temerity to legalize such White supremacism. And I see nothing in the libraries Terms & Conditions of Use allowing it.



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[Audio file - opens in New Tab/Window]
Speaker:Words spoken:Annotation:
WHITE MALE: (condescending) Hold on, mate. I’m on that one. Excuse me! Excuse me! [Claiming to be using available PC19]
D022317344: (confrontational) Yes, you’re excused!
WHITE MALE: (arrogant) I’m on that one! [No evidence presented to support this lie.]
D022317344: (confrontational) No, you’re not! [Fact I am logged-in to PC proves he was not booked-on to it]
WHITE MALE: (condescending) Why not? [Expects Black man to provide evidence when White male presents none.]
D022317344: (confrontational) ‘Cause I’ve booked it! [I would not sit at a PC showing less than 1 hour available.]
WHITE MALE: (arrogant) What time? [Implying Black man a liar with irrelevant question.]
D022317344: (confrontational) Just now! [Only the fact that a PC has been booked is relevant to anything - not when it is booked.]
WHITE MALE: (crestfallen) That’s perhaps why I can’t get on it. [Admitting he tried a few minutes earlier to use PC.]
D022317344: (condescending) That’s why you got a message telling you you only had a few minutes left. [Two on-screen messages revealing only a few minutes of PC use were available to him.]
WHITE MALE: (sotto voce) All right. Shut up! [Hates losing to Black man, publicly, so behaves childishly.]
D022317344: (confrontational) Yeah. And the same to you! [Proportionate response to provocative White male trying to prevent black man from using public computer.]

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