Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Thin End of the Wedge


Last Friday (2 January 2015), circa 11:30, I attempted to leave the Reference Library of Tunbridge Wells library and found the door next to Microfilm Reader 1 bolted and a black electrical cable (presumably belonging to the person then sitting at this Reader) on the floor in front of it.

Upon unlocking it, the female using the Reader insisted I could not egress via this door for health & safety reasons, without specifying:

  1. What these were;
  2. why she had the right to block a Fire Exit; nor,
  3. why the Health & Safety issues she was raising were the ones she was causing by blocking a Fire Exit.

If, for example, a door is not clearly marked Closed or Out of Order or Private, I see every reason to use it - should it be convenient to do so.

I told her to go fuck herself because the library is a public place (not an extension of her home) and because she has no explicit permission to block public doorways for her sole benefit. (She began laughing at me and I walked around to the other entrance door in front of the Reference Reception.)

It is becoming increasingly-noticeable that Caucasians are behaving as though the library were their personal fiefdom - to the detriment of other users. Why do they think they are allowed to arbitrarily block doors without any kind of signage or warning - whenever they feel like it? Perhaps they will start bringing in camp beds to help engender the at-home feel and sense-of-entitlement that so many already possess?



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