Monday, 9 February 2015

What Would It Take?


White People are the Best People

Summary: Critique of What Would It Take?.

The usual conflation and confusion of the terms America with White, along with the claim that there is a Darwinian race for survival between different ethnic groups despite the lack of any evidence for this.

The author never explains why the decline of White culture is a problem other than to pretend that the world would be worse off without Whites.

This writer resents anyone not White and assumes they will all treat Whites as badly as Whites have always treated them - a claim made without any evidence.

He chooses not to see his White supremacy as a form of the very Positive Discrimination he rails against; merely seeing it as natural and normal and the way things are.

If not natural, then his version of what is natural should be enforced in his implication that it is best to:

  1. Keep White women at home as brood mares to keep Whites numerically superior;
  2. only allowing Whites to migrate to the US;
  3. abolishing divorce;
  4. anti-miscegenation laws; &
  5. criminalizing any sexual congress between members of different ethnic groups.

Like all those without a valid cultural identity, he desperately needs to believe that White culture is somehow universal; while refraining from learning the obvious lesson of his own claims of White decline: White inferiority. He is happy to see Whites always numerically-dominant, but hates to see anyone else dominate because of theirs. A man with no moral compass who refuses to encourage Whites to work harder to compensate for their failings but, instead, to penalize non-Whites for their successes - which he clearly believes are unearned and only come about because of Affirmative Action - again, without any supporting evidence.

Like all racists, his only recourse is to whine, since he has no solution to Whites’ increasing global irrelevance.

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