Saturday, 4 February 2017

Caucasians Pretending to be Helpful


 Saturday, 4 February 2017

 Reference: C00TN223


James Pearson
Interim Head of Libraries, Registration and Archives
Kent History and Library Centre
James Whatman Way
ME14 1LQ


Good fences make good neighbours.

At about 15:30, on Wednesday, 18 January 2017, I was about to log‑in to PC04 when the person sitting at PC03 told me he did not think PC04 worked – without offering any evidence as to why he thought this.

However, the PC clearly did work; making it obvious he was unhappy sitting next to a Black man. He offered no further comment – either way – when he saw that the PC worked perfectly‑well. (White people think making statements unsupported by data is being helpful when they actually reveal their paranoiac dreads and schizophrenic insecurities.)

Even if someone had tried (& failed) to use this machine before me, this is more likely to be the result of their technophobia, rather than machine failure, since I could see nothing wrong with it. He did not say that he (nor anyone else) had tried to use this machine, so – ultimately – had no way of actually‑knowing whether PC04 worked or not.

It would be equally-illogical if I told someone about to enter their car that it did not work – something I could not possibly know, unless I had first tried to start it myself. Or, if an ATM were void of cash, it would be peculiar to tell this to anyone else who wished to use it, unless I was 100% certain of this; that is, after first trying to withdraw money myself.

This irrational behaviour presents others with useless information that invalidates any social contract and, in fact, helps define the difference between useless and useful information; that is, talking without knowing what one is talking about.

If I had actually believed his false, unverified & ignorant claim that PC04 was out‑of‑order, I would have been at a disadvantage as regards using this public service and would have had to waste valuable time searching for another – working – machine. It is therefore, hardly surprising that Whites are automatically‑disbelieved by everyone else, since they consistently claim a non‑existent right to make false statements with no negative consequences to themselves.

This suggests Whites do not care if they are speaking the truth and/or that they are too lazy to check their facts – as with the Kent Libraries letters to me of 3 April 2013, 4 June 2013 and 1 February 2016 and a racist staff member’s approach to me of 7 November 2015.

Yet, all of the White social phobias that produce such irrational behaviour can easily be obviated by the simple expedient of minding one’s own business – a very necessary step to respecting self and others. If everyone else can do it, why do Whites suffer from such social‑ineptitude?

White people are truly a strange and fear-fuelled ethnic group who, like children, say the first thing that comes into their heads; while refraining from thinking first and acting afterwards – as adults do.

Yours Sincerely,

Debrett’s Etiquette

Helpful Guide to minding one’s own business

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