Friday, 3 February 2017



 Friday, 3 February 2017

 Reference: C00TN223


Andrew Stephens
Head of Libraries, Registration and Archives
Kent History and Library Centre
James Whatman Way
ME14 1LQ


Better to be Thought a White Supremacist, than to Open One’s Mouth and Remove All Doubt

A revolution is not a dinner party or writing an essay or painting a picture or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous.

Image of the founder of the People’s Republic of China: Mao ZedongMao Zedong (-), founder of the People’s Republic of China. Report, March (published in Selected Works, volume 1, ).

Your letter to me of 5 August 2016 merely repeats the empty threats, racist lies, half-truths and absurdities contained in your letter to me of 1 February 2016; revealing your quintessential White schizophrenia.

You offer no written assurance that either you an/or your racist staff will repress their racist instincts in compliance with the Equality Act 2010. And that your one-sided and unwritten policy of demanding courtesy and respect from Black people while simultaneously offering them none will be rescinded. Part of the reason for this is the fact that The Equality Act is against White interests and requires something of Whites that it does not require of Blacks. But since White culture is endemically-racist, it was always going to disproportionately effect Whites and have little influence on Black behaviour save as a stick to beat White people with. This inevitably unequal application of law was inevitably going to make Whites even more resentful than they usually are, but then Whites benefit from White supremacy, they have had 500 years to change their ways and White supremacy disproportionately benefits Whites.

Your removal of the banning order against me is quite meaningless since I still cannot, for example, use a library PC in any library in Kent without having to continually deal with White customers who believe they have a right to prevent Black people from using a public service (with the full support of White library staff who also share this troglodyte belief) nor from White library staff who believe they have a right to push me off a library PC before my PC session is over. Until you Caucasians deal with these issues, you will continue to preach and practice institutional racism because of the psychologically-superstitious, culturally-backward and emotionally-primitive nature of White society.

You also offer no assurance that racist customers will be punished for harassing Black people as they go about their lawful business in a lawful manner, nor any explanation as to why you should wish to punish Black people for criticizing Whites for being White supremacist. Nor why you want to punish the harrassee and not the harrasser.

You offer no explanation as to why Whites are allowed to prevent Black people from using public services, nor why you people choose to express racist solidarity with your racist customers.

Given that there are no signs in any library in Kent expressing the view that racism will not be tolerated, I can only assume that you not only tolerate it it, but actually worship it as a birthright. (It is, of course, a matter between yourself and a therapist as to why you Whites are so uncomfortable sharing the same public space with Black people.)

How dare you call me a racist, you Black bastard!

White supremacy is solely and entirely a problem for White people (as is their self-righteous indignation when it is pointed-out to them), since they invented and continue to practice it - hence; the vacuity of White culture. It is no use pretending that trying to shut Black people up by claiming that revealing racism is somehow offensive to Whites when the racism being so concealed is not to Blacks (nothing hurts more than the truth). In your world, Black people are victims of drapetomania (a pseudo-mental illness); while White people indulge in a drapetoresponsia that claims all Black complaints are nothing more than playing a non-existent race card – all designed to evade very real problems that people like you have created and continue to benefit from.

Your refusal to take adult responsibility for your behaviour reveals the childish desperation of you and your staff and customers in their deep-seated desire to escape the responsibilities of adult life in favour of a Caucasian fantasy world where only Whites are supreme. Black people do not have this problem because Black culture is a culture of grown-ups living their lives without the need to exploit others. Children pretending to be adults in an otherwise grown-up world. This very refusal is further evidence for just how endemic your racist attitudes truly are – as social snobs pretend the poor are inferior and sexists that women are to be sexually-exploited.

Calling attention to racism is not racism; calling attention to the rain does not mean I made it rain. And being called a racist being like kryptonite to superman is a White problem not a black one. These Whites act as though calling-out their White supremacy by criticising it were an act of sedition, defamation & treason. Despite the fact that anti-racists can have neither masochistic loyalty-to nor self-destructive respect-for White supremacists.

Just in case there is any misunderstanding of the political position into which you have mistakenly dipped your toes, the fact is that I do not respect you nor any White person nor, therefore, do I like any White person. I am not required by law to do either. It is a sad reflection on the state of White culture that you feel the need to demand respect to solace that which you cannot voluntarily-obtain from your own culture.

as you make a series of unsubstantiated and unevidenced claims, these come to resemble the ultimate cl;aim made by Whites: That Black people have no rights White people need respect.

If you do not like being called racist - with evidence, then it should be a simple matter for the Master Race to simply renounce White supremacy and learn to stand on their own two feet, rather than trying to stand on everyone else’s.

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

Image of the founder of the People’s Republic of China: Mao ZedongGandhi (1893-1976), founder of the People’s Republic of China. Report, March 1927 (published in Selected Works, volume 1, 1954).

You are clearly mentally-ill - defending White supremacy for so many years tends to have that affect. You are still repeating the same lies, absurdities and half-truths of your previous missive of Monday, 1 February 2016; while failing to acknowledge any of my valid complaints. You actually think I am going to play your political game - you must be truly desperate.

Your discourteous and disrespectful unwillingness to either acknowledge valid complaints or to pretend that they are simply not valid - without good reason - simply shows the racist’s attitude to life. Your effective repudiation of the Equality Act 2010 and the ineffectiveness of any internal complaints’ procedure means you simply will not accept criticism; preferring, instead, to ban Black critics from using the very premises in which criticism-producing events regulalry occur. (You still have not effectively responded to any of my complaints, so you can be certain that complaints against White staff or White customers will now be legion - so they had better be on their best behaviour. Inevitably, this means treating me better than they would a White person, but treating me as an equal in the first place would have obviated this.)

Even a little healthy criticism of the mediocre (& often hostile) service the library offers customers and you people jump up and down like apes in a zoo; proving the very hostility that is being so aggressively elided (not by being denied, but by being simply ignored). These are the results of weak parenting, a superficial culture & poor personal choices. If White people are the Master Race, why do they often have such difficulty taking criticism on the chin - like everyone else - especially when such criticism is valid?

Because you resolutely defend your staff - no matter how absurd their behaviour - you reveal your inability to accept rational statements, based upon objective facts, to avoid admitting the institutionally-racist nature of the Library Service. Yet, you cannot fake reality by simply ignoring it - Adolf Hitler tried that and he ended-up losing a war he started in a Berlin bunker surrounded by useless sycophants. I, of course, can never accept your version of events because of its lack of substance; otherwise, I would have to admit to being the Nigger to take me for.

What is really offensive and disappointing here, apart from your utter disregard for my value as a person, is that the Kent Library Service (which you desperately & despairingly defend) is clearly a Whites-only space that Black people can only use at their own risk: No great surprise, there - especially given that Tunbridge Wells is a provincial backwater populated by Caucasssoid yokels.

Whites are so mentally-retarded as an ethnic group that they actually believe threats will make Black people stop being anti-racist - the very White supremacy that will have precisely the opposite effect. You actually believe that they way to deal with your racism is try and shut your critics up rather than face the uncomfortable truth about yourselves and, thereby, have at least a chance to grow-up into full human maturity - like a paedophile demanding the respect of parents he will never, ever receive.

You try and punish a Black man for criticising you for being White supremacist; proving that you are emotionally-crippled with White guilt for wishing to continue benefiting from the White supremacy you refuse to acknowledge but, without which, you would not amount to much. This is a tacit admission that your racism exists - while you pretend it does not - by simply evading any talk of it, in hopes that your feelings of racial resentment will either go away or, thereby, be effectively hidden. But you cannot solve a problem by simply ignoring it or, in this case, pretending that Courtesy and Respect only applies to White people, just because your White staff resent serving People of Colour and because your White customers resent sharing the same public space with people they have been bred to fear.

It is not my responsibility to make Whites feel comfortable around black people - it is their responsibility to overcome the childish fear of others that your parents put into you. (Only in this way could you ever become a grown man.) Neither am I under any obligation to use a public service on the understanding that I can only do so if I do not point out its many flaws. White people think they are allowed to be racist - at least in their own self-torturing imaginations - but if anyone points it out to you, you will switch from being covertly to overtly racist in response; proving just how inherently-racist you really are inside. (You could not be more Nigger-hating and Hitler-worshipping if you tried.) You want an assurance from me that I will bend over and let Whites fuck me up the arse, in public and with impunity: That will never happen in your lifetime or the lifetime of any other White person, anywhere on this Earth.

You cannot legislate for love by demanding the respect from others that you never offer. Only those living in a Caucasoid dreamworld could ever believe that their alienation could ever be solaced by White supremacy. The only way to deal with Whites is to give it to them hard and give it to them straight. I realise the Counter-Terrorism & Security Act 2015 and the Investigartory Powrs Act 2016 have exacerbated your already-profound White paranoia regarding the darker-skinned, but it will soon become impossible for you to leave your homes without quaking in your boots if the fear you try to create in others becomes the very fear that destroys you as well.

a peculiarity of White people is that they are helpful when help is not needeed nor requested; unhelpful, when it is. So, one realises from this that Whites only offer help, only if they are going to obatin a benefit from doing so, not when they are not. This is what Whites mean when they say there is no such thing as a free lunch: Not that nothing in life is free, but that Whites are essentially mercenary people who offer nothing without expecting or exacting some kind of payment or tribute; that is, White poeple are parasites.


The trouble with you White cunts is you believe that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, without negative consequences. There was no way in hell that I was ever going to write you a letter telling you that "I'll be a good Nigger from now on": Appeasing White supremacy only breeds more White supremacists. The White approach of denying their actions are motivayed by anything as plebeain as Nazism leasds them to twsit logic, deny reality & engage in the most absurd circumlocutions that serve only to prve just how raicst they truly are. The more you deny your worjsdhip of adolf hitler (& that your fear of anti-racism is somehow greater than my fear of the gas chamber) leads you to consistently act as though everyting a White person says aboiut a Black person is automatically true; while everyting a Black person sdays about a White person is automatically false. A policcy of denying a reality that is does nothing but affurm. If such oxymoronioc behavioor is symptomatic of the Master Race, then your inferios must be the lowest, inbred scum - notwithstanding the fact that I have never found anyone lower than the White race.

Given that White supremacy is a clear and present danger to Black people’s lives, you, your White staff and your Whute customers will always be treated with great hostility by me when they decide not to keep their negative feelings and thoughts for Black people to themselves, as I do my negative thoughts and feelings about White people to myself – unless provoked into clearly expressing them. You people are stupid to start Racewars that you you cannot win but, then again, there can be no such thing as an intelligent racist.

because you automatically believe anything a White person says as opposed to anything a Balck person says, you automatically make of negative assumptions about Black people. So let me make some of my own: White men are sexually insecure about their penis size; White women have poor personal hygiene; White people needed slaves because they were too lazy to do the work, themselves; Whites love alcohol because their reality is too painful; Whites are unhappy because they are emotionally-repressed; Whites are schizo because they wish to maintain the benefits of White supremacy, while avoiding being called "Racist"; Whites have the highest rates of divorce, suicide & child-molestation because they are frightehed of fulfilling personal relationships; Whites are not supposed to choose friends outside their ethnic group, so they are stuck with each other; hence, their poor social skills. There are plenty more, but that is enough for now.

not fit for your office - you clearly believe that anything a White says is automtaically true; while anything a Black person says is automtically a lie. This makes it impossible for anyone other than a White to use a service over which you preside; making you as degenerately-racist as your staff. Your worship of White supremacy is the only possible explanation for your striking incompetence - and that of your White staff - since it breeds nothing but irrational behaviour in White people. White supremacy is a theory that can only be practiced with force, not persuasive rational argument; hence the inevitably-surreal nature of your evasion of the world the rest of us call Real and the fact that force must be always be used against you. All worthless philosophies share the same lack of realism and honesty. Like all schizoids, only propaganda matters, not facts. White supremacy – like Communism & Chrustianity – only works if everyone agrees to it

you offer a service to Black people, but only if they accept they will not be able to use it (without being harassed by resentful Whites).

life is not a game you can play with other people's lives - you'll learn that when you grow up. I treat peple with the respect they have earned, not the respect they think they deserve.

There is an easy way and a hard way, you have chosen the hard way - so be it. You will have to be taught life's hardest lesson: Just because you believe it is true, does not make it so.

Did you seriously believe a Black person was going to offer Whites an apology for being an anti-racist? Appeasement is not my style, precisely because Nazis like you are immune to it - as Neville Chamberlain discovered in 1938.

You animals are racist filth - and will be chastised accordingly. You are the racist products of a racist culture; for that your punishment must be both severe and public to discourgae fruther abuses and to show other Black people how easy it is to hurt Whites.

since you refuse to protect Black customers from your racist staff and your racist customers, you offer me no choice but to use methiods which, by your own admission, terrify White people even more than they already are terrified of Black people (being unconducive to the pleasant feelings White supremacy offers WHites). An admission on your part that proves the effectiveness of such methods in preventing White people from imaging they can be White supremacist and benefit from White supremacy without the inevitably-negative response your worship of the tenets of Nazi philosophy will alway bring about.

Like the anti-Semitic psuedo-historian David Irving (whose discredited books I notice you still stock), you distort documentary evidence and misrepresnet data to conform to your neo-fascist idelogical leanings and political agenda and your self-serving prejudices. Your double-standard of requiring absolute documentary proof of Caucasian wrongdoing, while accepting withoiut question anything a White person says about Black people as automatically true to condemn Black people. This is the schizophrenia typical of Holocaust deniers, falsifiers and bigots – along with most other paranoiacs with a taste for never being reasonable, objective nor fair-minded.

In your organisation, White people are favourably viewed as motivated only by the noblest of intentions; Black people by their alleged threat to White civilisation – in complete disrregard for any evidence that White people are actually civilised or that Black people are any kind of actual threat to them. Given this unwarranted racial disparity, and the fact that all your statements are contraty to all the evidence presented you, the only conclusion is that you are a practising racist (along with your staff) and that the organisation for which you work is institutionally racist.

You Whites will need to learn to control your racist impulses. If you cannot do this, voluntariyl, then I will have to teach you, involuntarily, the hard way. This is my fucking life we are talking about here and none of you White cunts are going to be allowed to shit on it.

Like a cry-baby White boy upset because he is not going to be worshipped after all. Your rather naive and typiocaly white ethnic beliefe that your institutuonal racism can be solved by banning Black people from the public libraries is abiut to be vigorously-tested.

Given that your Institutional Racism puts my life in danger by encouraging White people to think it is OK to abuse Black people, you put me in the position of choosing between you, your friends and your family and me an mine. I have no option - for reasons of self-preservation - to choose the latter, with the corollary that you and yours also then become unimportant to me. This is a position that you have put me in - i did not do it to myself, since your political position always, ultimately, leads to Auschwitz.

Without Everyone Else, Whites Add-Up to Very Little

Ultimately, all of this Caucasian gamesmanship is about the White need for a personal identity their culture does not automatically provide. This personal vacuum is filled with a political identity designed to require as little effort as possible, because White culture possesses few tools with which to solve basic existential questions (eg, What is the difference between Right & Wrong? Who am I? or How do I get what I want?) – except such activities as the futility of psycho-analysis, materialism, alcoholism, delusions of grandeur, drug-addiction, gap years, sexual promiscuity, pornography & self-hatred. White people have no significant cultural celebrations, because Whites have no positive archetypes to celebrate – only negative stereotypes that they vainly attempt to hide from view. Instead, they rely upon banal, militaristic public parades commemorating a violent past – and present; parody rituals with meaning only for those nursery egos whose totem is nothing more than a flag; demonstrating the White inability to answer fundamental questions by relegating them to the status of mere problems that can be evaded in forcing others to be the solutions. This also explains Whites lack of social cohesion, since there is nothing to firmly base such cohesion upon. This is why Whites resolutely remain mysteries to themselves, and each other, but never to everyone else.

Not coming from within, White identity must be gleaned from without by feigning superiority over disparate social groups: Non-Whites, women, the lower-class, homosexuals, the disabled, the sexually-abused, etc. Hating the vast majority of the human race, in this way, is so much easier than actually becoming superior to them. Such a group selection is always based solely upon birth circumstances – never upon character nor behaviour. This makes the alleged inferiority of others appear natural (ie, genetic) rather than merely White-created.

But, it is too exhausting to act-out ones identity all of the time, in public. Instead, to bolster their emotional emptiness, White people need to claim insight into the nature of those they refuse to get to know personally, by always believing the worst about them – without objective evidence. In this way, Whites appear superior simply by occulting their own nastiness in the invention of other people’s. But this can only work if those whom White people despise believe the lies Whites tell about them; affectively-persuading the despised to waste their lives kowtowing to a White supremacy that can never exist. In this way, Whites believe they can delude themselves into thinking everyone else needs them, when their creation of such an emotional crutch makes it really the other way around – a permanent form of Whites-only social welfare.

This White parasitism must conceal itself behind such behaviours as ridicule, intimidation, the creation of political obstacles & harassment, just in case anyone notices it is a neurosis with no means of proving its validity nor reasonableness; while also creating the self-destructive paranoia that others just might be able to see through the mask of White pretension. This desperation exacerbates the emotional neediness for those whom Whites disdain; while also perpetuating the very need to be disdainful. Without these hated groups Whites would then have no-one to claim superiority to; making their Master Race claims entirely subjectively-relative rather than objectively-absolute. But, like White success under apartheid or alleged Black inferiority under IQ-testing, they are self-fulfilling prophecies without which Whites would be just like everyone else. And being ordinary is the greatest fear of Whites, since it would then mean that they are easy for others to second-guess on the basis that they are just as human as those others. But Whites prefer to try and be a mystery to others (& themselves) in the hope of never having to confront essential life issues.

This is why White people cannot practice live-and-let-live (nor create a level political playing field) since that would mean that everyone is equal to the extent that nobody should interfere with anybody else - without good reason. (It would also mean their regularly-experiencing the resentment contingent upon seeing others do better than themselves in a country whose social hierarchy always puts Whites at the top – without merit intervening.) The paranoid White belief that others should be hurt before they get a chance to hurt Whites also means their having to improve their culture by making it substantive and, thereby, psychologically-satisfying and self-esteeming. Hard work that every other culture has managed to successfully undertake. But to do any of this would require coming face-to-face with the apparently-crippling, and therefore feared, White guilt – along with their freely-chosen means of achieving even their tenuous sense of identity.

White success requires everyone else’s psychological dismemberment to vainly conceal their ethical disorientation. Trying to hold others back to avoid their resentful anger at seeing them flourish.

Every time a White person sees a Black, Whites are reminded of the reason for this terrifying guilt and the everlasting White whining that always goes along with it.

If I knew that my success in life was partly, mostly or entirely based on the deliberately-created sufferings of others, no doubt I would feel paralysing guilt (& anger), too. An emotionally-repressive shame that can never be solved by further, guilt-inducing behaviour such as the CT&SAct or the IPAct or How to be British (ie, How to be like White people aren’t).

The inability to think straight, to see the world as it is requires a schizophrenic split between what is done and the need to deny it is being done - which creates the need to blame the victim in the vain hope that your consciences will not catch-up with you. (The best example of this being that bureaucratic nobody Adolf Eichmann.) You call me a racist because I choose to fight White supremacy wherever I encounter it. This is your greatest failing as a human being; revealing, as it does, your own genetic prejudices. I do not dislike White people because they are White, I dislike them because they all benefit from the White supremacy they rarely possess the courage that civil disobedience requires to fight. It is hard for Whites not to be racist since it is taught to them from the cradle to the grave. This leaves them with no option, if they wish to be accepted by other Whites, to either openly-perpetuate it (eg, Nigel Farage, the BNP, The Daily Mail, David Irving, etc), hope nobody notices Whites benefit from inherent evil &/or to guiltily-hide from the fact of its existence - and that any evidence to the contrary is to be misrepresented, distorted, minimised and blamed on the victims. This deliberately turns non-Whites into superfluous human beings whose inalienable rights are, in fact, fully alienable; yet fully resembling the unthinking machine, comprised of unthinking components, that is the moral morass of White culture.

If you wish to set yourself up as the avenging White hero seen in so many Hollywood melodramas (A community in a harmonious paradise is threatened by evil; normal institutions fail to contend with this threat; a selfless superhero emerges to renounce temptations and carry out the redemptive task; aided by fate, his decisive victory restores the community to its paradisiacal condition; the superhero then recedes into obscurity.) then you have quite a fight on your hands.

BOLD PARA: I hereby assure you that any racial harassment from your White staff or White customers, shall be met with egalitarian justice. As I go about my lawful business - minding my own business - in a lawful manner. I am not willing to be molested, harassed, intimidated nor abused by anyone. I have known and accepted all my adult life that Whites and Blacks are fundamentally-incompatible and that they can never successfully integrate with one another because White culture is Us or Them - not We. This is why People of Colour keep as far away from Caucasians as is humanly possible - for fear of cultural and moral contamination and the inevitable mental illness of trying to live down to the negative White views of Black people. You obviously lack the courage to do likewise because you fear that Blacks are so much better than Whites (ie, they remind Whites of their White supremacy) in accepting that mutual tolerance is the best that can be expected in the race-war. But mutual acceptance is about as likely as a White man saying "Sorry". You will not get a written assurance from me that I will allow you to molest, harass, interrupt, disturb, pester, annoy me while using your lacklustre public service - nor that you will be allowed to block me from using it at all because you, your staff or your customers are feeling more overetly-racist than usual on any given day.

My signature

Postscript: Your schizophrenic loss-of-contact with reality and disrespect-for-facts is once again in evidence in your claim that I have an item on outstanding loan for return on 25 August 2016. It is in fact to be returned on 30 August 2016. (As usual with people who can’t control their emotions, you now want your books back, when I was confronted for doing the selfsame thing on ?? May 2016. Without threats, you simply do not know how to deal with Black people, when the simple answer would be to treat them as equals, but that would mean renouncing the White-needed benefits of White supremacy.)


Why Caucasians Are the Way They Are

Tactics to Deny White Supremacy, Reduce Stigma & Elicit Sympathy

White identity management means grappling with the complex adaptive challenges of a stigmatising history; necessitating a radical shift in identity construction among Whites whose comfortable social supremacy is now discredited as racism. The ensuing stigma is the plight of the discredited and the disgraced. This White-speak is the ethnic anxiety of White resistance to losing the wealth created for them by White supremacy; while pretending no longer to be racist: A circle that cannot be squared.

White people wish to maintain White privilege but not be labelled racist - a clear impossibility. The collective trauma of losing historical privileges is exacerbated by the process of remembering a past that is inherently stigmatising and guilt-inducing.

Whites attempt to resist the public humiliation of social transformation (with its need to admit profound historical errors) by acting as though public space is only for Whites and that if Black people are to be allowed into that public space, the latter must accept second-class social status. Whites possess a ghetto mentality that arbitrarily assigns place to skin colour without the need to position street signs in those places to assert who is welcome and who is not - such signs would be illegal, anyway.

Whites talk as though the places they label as being exclusively-White are safe, friendly, hospitable and friendly, unless Black people are included, in which case Whites must - of necessity - live in fear of being murdered in their beds to vainly elicit sympathy for delusional fears and poor White social cohesion.

Thus, White identity is really nothing more than the management of historical stigma, which serves exactly the same function as White supremacy: The claim that Whites are the Master Race, despite there being no evidence to support such a contention. This allows Whites to indulge in narcissistic self-pity and to see themselves as the sole victims of the non-existent institutional racism of Black people and of racism, in general. A battle for victim status that Whites can never win, unless all of the unpleasantness of White history can be forever removed from the history books; making White historians become charlatans, like David IRVING.

Whites possess no Plan B - it is either racism-or-nothing as the basis of their identity, since racism offers the possibility of a ready-made identity that requires minimal effort on the part of the identifier - as religious fundamentalism requires little intellectual effort to be accepted as the revealed Word of God. Whites are thus trapped in a declining culture that will never be seen as the equal of others because of the public shame and private guilt of being White.

(Given that all UK institutions are controlled by Whites, it is inevitable that White people will structure these organisations to provide themselves with maximum benefit and representation (few books for or about Blacks, foreign-language DVDs placed in a World Cinema/subtitled ghetto, Ethnic Monitoring claiming British is an ethnicity, Black History month being only about slavery, etc). Black people, therefore, must navigate heavily-mined waters when accessing UK public services so, to this end, I avoid eye-contact with Whites (because Negrophobia makes this a frightening experience for them) and am courteous at all times. I do not harass, pester, annoy, interrupt nor irritate Whites - unless they do this to me. White resentment at being legally-required to serve Black people (which they bizarrelly-interpret as a demand to actually like Blacks because Whites do not know how to keep their negative feelibngs for others to themselves) comes from their belief that skin colour is not merely an adjectival label, but an actual casus belli. As the rape-victim is not to blame for the rape and the child not to blame for the molestation, Black people are not to blame for White harassment. No woman wears a Rape Me sign; no child ever says: Molest me; &, no Person of Colour thinks: Without White supremacy to complain about, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

Whites view the wish for Black self-preservation, self-respect and personal dignity as an affront to their own preservation, respect & dignity, because they realise it is a tacit slap-in-the-face, not only to their White supremacist ways, but to their emotionally-immature need of such political delusions of grandeur. Whites then try to put obstacles in our way to get our attention in the hope of reducing the paranoid/schizophrenic fear of Black people that White supremacy induces. Attempts at ridicule, sarcasm, condescension, bullying, lies & half-truths designed to control the behaviour of People of Colour out of resentment for the fact that we actually like our selves and do not, therefore, try to repress our emotions and, thus, have fuller personal lives. (Much like cotton-plantation owners must sleep with loaded weapons under their pillows because of the permanent state-of-fear against the expected revenge of the enslaved: But what kind of life is that for slave-owners?) My response to racial harassment is what any human being’s would be: Confrontation, conflict & revenge.

For People of Colour, UK public services are inconsistent in that from one day to the next, one can never know if one is going to get good or bad service or, indeed, any service at all; depending on what side of the bed any given White got up out of that morning. A confusion of the Personal and the Political that makes Whites think they can bring their Personal problems into a Political space in order to foist their frustrated rage upon others. This inability to separate the Personal from the Political leads to Whites having poor Personal relationships, built on emotional neediness, as well as poor Political relationships because, for example, career-promotion is not then based upon ability, but upon sycophancy; exacerbating the Personal rage.)

(It is impossible to respect Nazis such as yourself because I do not wear swastika underpants. So you will get no assurance of respect from me, since I have never been given it by you in your disrespectfully-lying letter, nor by your White supremacist staff and customers. Respect has to be earned and you ain’t earned it. The only assurance I will ever give you and your kind is that which I implicitly give to all Whites: If you fuck with me, I shall fuck with you; I never initiate trouble, so neither should you. Because I am not responsible for your fear of Black people, there is nothing more that I need to assure you off than this - something I already do, and have done, for years.)

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